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How to get your albums approved as easily as possible by your clients?

Let me start with a simple question: One of the hardest parts of the wedding business is the album workflow, isn't it?

I mean, getting the album layout finally approved by your client can be a huge pain, not to mention all the steps involved in that process.

If you want to spend less time and get through the album proofing process as easily and quickly as possible, you must check out this new tool Albumdraft.

Albumdraft is an online album proofing software specifically created for wedding photographers that makes it easy to send the album layout to your client and get their feedback (i.e. comments on the design and change requests).

With Albumdraft all you have to do is upload the album and there you have it! A fantastic album presentation is automatically created that you can send to your client with one click.

Think how much easier your work will be, as you will never struggle again with sending the album via email or CD (and having to deal with PDF creation, file sizing, and other tasks that take time).

When it's time to receive your client's feedback, it's completely organized, so there's no confusion!

Watch this one-minute video and see for yourself how amazing this new tool is!

Try Albumdraft now. Your first album is free!


Fellipe de Paula,
The Founder of  Albumdraft