PWPC Fall 2011 Wedding Photography Contest

Contest Winners
 1-st Place 
 Eunice Montenegro | Eunice Montenegro Photography | Antigonish, NS 
 2-nd Place 
 Leslie Biggar | Sakura Photography | New Westminster, BC 
 3-rd Place 
 Olivia Brown | Olivia Brown Photography | Guelph, ON 
 4-th Place 
 Elaine + Kenneth Soong | Just Married Photography | Edmonton, AB 
 5-th Place 
 Ben Benvie | Ben Benvie Photography | Ottawa, ON 
 6-th Place 
 Raymond Leung | Raymond & Jessie Photography | Richmond, BC 
 7-th Place 
 Erika Mann | TWO MANN Studios | Canmore, AB 
 8-th Place 
 Haley Shandro | Shandro Photo | Edmonton, AB 
 9-th Place 
 Susan & Krister Temme | Picture That Photography | Edmonton, AB 
 10-th Place 
 David Charlesworth | davidiam photography | Stratford, ON 

Contest Results
 Getting Ready 
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 The Wedding Dress 
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 Engagement Portrait 
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 Kids Being Kids 
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 Bridal Portrait 
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 Bride and Groom Portrait 
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 Bridal Party Portrait 
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 Wedding Details 
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 First Dance 
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 Bouquet/Garter Toss 
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 Creative Lighting 
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Fees and Eligibility
   The contest was open to Members only. If you are not a Member yet, please visit this link to apply
   Member has to log in to his/her Profile page to upload images. Please log in here

Participants had the chance to win cash and other prizes for their winning photos.
 1-st place Contest Winner 
 $500 cash 
 2-nd place Contest Winner 
 $350 cash 
 3-rd place Contest Winner 
 $250 cash 
 4-th place Contest Winner 
 Prize  from the Gold Sponsor Think Tank Photo  ($279 value) 
 5-th place Contest Winner 
 Prize  from the Silver Sponsor Totally Rad!  ($149 value) 

Contest Sponsors
     Gold Sponsor: Think Tank Photo
Think Tank Photo - Gold Sponsor of PWPC Fall 2011 Contest
            Prize: Airport Acceleration® V2.0  ($279 value)
Click here to view the Prize from Think Tank Photo - Airport Acceleration® V2.0 Legal carry on backpack fits all international carry on requirements when the laptop case is removed. It can be decreased in size and weight immediately by removing the laptop case. New security features!
     Silver Sponsor: Totally Rad!
Totally Rad! - Silver Sponsor of PWPC Fall 2011 Contest
            Prize: RadLab  ($149 value)
Click here to view the Prize from Totally Rad! - RadLab RadLab is a revolutionary new way to style your photos. Unlike using Photoshop actions, RadLab allows you to get instant previews of how your image will change. You can layer together effects in infinite ways, and customize your Recipes with simple, intuitive sliders.

Image size and other requirements
   You may upload up to 30 images per Photographer per Contest
   All images uploaded for the Contest must be 780 pixels on the long side in JPEG format with extension .jpg and no larger than 200 KB
   Images must have no borders, edges, strokes, studio logos, names etc.
   No specific file name required for images
   All images must be taken by the participant at actual wedding or engagement session. No images allowed from workshops, all types of commercial shots, etc.
   Each photo may be submitted only to one Category of the Contest and may not be used at any other upcoming PWPC Contests
   No collages allowed

All Judges of the Contest are the PWPC Members. The Judges' decision on the Contest is final.

PWPC Fall 2011 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Cristina Craft   
Cristina Craft   FunkyTown Photography

Cristina loves mixing photojournalism, fashion, fine art, the unusual and the "funky."
In 2010/2011 she placed three times in the top 10 and once in the top 20 with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. Cristina also won several high-profile international awards from Kodak, the Wedding Photojournalist Association, Fearless, WedComp and the AGWPJA plus a few of her weddings have been published in leading magazines. Cristina takes wedding commissions all over the world and she is inspired to photograph such a variety of celebrations in so many different locations. Cristina holds a Master's degree in journalism from Carleton University and a Diploma in photography from the Western Academy of Photography. While at Western, she won the award for Best Overall Student and she is now teaching the school's wedding photography and business courses. She also offers wedding photography workshops.
PWPC Fall 2011 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Dave and Charlotte Biesse   
Dave and Charlotte Biesse

Dave and Charlotte are full time photographers spending their year living half in Toronto, Canada and half in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to a university degree in photography and diploma in TV broadcasting, Dave and Charlotte have continued their knowledge and learning through both running and attending workshops worldwide.
Their distinctive visual style has evolved over the years from not only colourful, dramatically composed images, but now also encompassing softer, more sensitive portraits. The evolution of their creative spirit has gone hand in hand with their relationship, culminating in their marriage earlier this year.
Dave and Charlotte have an active presence in the Toronto wedding industry, running workshops several times per year for photographers and being very involved in the local photography community as well.

Contest Categories
 Getting Ready 
 Images taken during the preparations, before the wedding (hair studio, hotel room, at home, etc.) 
 The Wedding Dress 
 Beauty of the wedding gown worn by the bride or hanging up 
 Engagement Portrait 
 Images taken during the ceremony 
 Kids Being Kids 
 Images of children or youths acting like kids 
 Creative images taken using reflective surfaces such as mirrors, windows, etc. 
 Bridal Portrait 
 Bride and Groom Portrait 
 Bridal Party Portrait 
 Creative, fun images of the bridal party 
 Wedding Details 
 Images of the bridal shoes, ring, cake, etc. 
 Funny images of the wedding day, from beginning to the end 
 Images that represent where the wedding is taking place (interior or exterior) 
 First Dance 
 Images of the bride and groom taken during the first dance 
 Bouquet/Garter Toss 
 Best moments captured during the event 
 Creative Lighting 
 Creative images with use of the available light, off camera flash, etc. 

   Minor Photoshop enhancements are allowed (cropping, colour correction, blemishes removal, etc.)
   Colour, B/W, or toned images are acceptable
   Portrait images may be set up or prompted by the photographer
   Photos must be appropriate for a general audience
   All images are Copyright of their owners