PWPC Fall 2013 Wedding Photography Contest

Contest Winners
 1-st Place 
 Erika Mann | TWO MANN Studios | Canmore, AB 
 2-nd Place 
 Elisha Stewart | Abby Photography | Kelowna, BC 
 3-rd Place 
 Abby Taylor & Dave Moss | Abby + Dave | Calgary, AB 
 4-th Place 
 Carey Nash | Carey Nash Photography | Sherwood Park, AB 
 5-th Place 
 Kelly Redinger | Kelly Redinger | Photographer | Sherwood Park, AB 
 6-th Place 
 Erin Wallis | ERIN WALLIS PHOTOGRAPHY | Campbell River, BC 
 7-th Place 
 Adeline Leonti | Avant Garde Studio | Montreal, QC 
 8-th Place 
 Mathieu Louis-Seize | Green Tea Photography | Ottawa, ON 
 9-th Place 
 Fran Chelico | Fran Chelico Photography | North Vancouver, BC 
 10-th Place 
 Sophie Asselin | Sophie Asselin photographe | Montreal, QC 
 11-th Place 
 Marcin Karpowicz | B.D.F.K. Photography | Edmonton, AB 
 12-th Place 
 Cassie Molyneux | Cassie's Camera | Calgary, AB 
 13-th Place 
 Kendra & Brad Coupland | Love Tree Photography | New Westminster, BC 
 14-th Place 
 Brent Foster | Brent Foster Photography | Wallaceburg, ON 
 15-th Place 
 Julie-Anne Davies | Julie-Anne Davies Photography | Kimberley, BC 

Contest Results
 Bride and Groom Portrait 
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 Bridal Portrait 
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 View Images 
 Creative Lighting 
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 View Images 
 Kids Being Kids 
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 Engagement Portrait 
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 Framing the Subject 
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 Wedding Details 
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Fees and Eligibility
   The Contest was open to Members only
   Members have to log in  to see Contest rules
   If you are not a Member yet, please apply here

Participants had the chance to win cash and other prizes for their winning photos.
 1-st place Contest Winner 
 $500 cash 
 2-nd place Contest Winner 
 $350 cash 
 3-rd place Contest Winner 
 $250 cash 
 4-th place Contest Winner 
 Prize  from the Silver Sponsor Think Tank Photo  ($162 value) 
 5-th place Contest Winner 
 Prize  from the Silver Sponsor Totally Rad!  ($149 value) 
 6-th place Contest Winner 
 Prize  from the Bronze Sponsor Fundy Software  ($79 value) 

Contest Sponsors
     Silver Sponsor: Think Tank Photo
Think Tank Photo - Silver Sponsor of PWPC Fall 2013 Contest
            Prize: Retrospective® 7  ($162 value)
Click here to view the Prize from Think Tank Photo - Retrospective® 7 Inconspicuous, soft-sided shoulder bag with a simple exterior that blends into the environment while carrying photo gear. Included a rear pocket which will hold your iPad or an 11" Mac-Book Air.
     Silver Sponsor: Totally Rad!
Totally Rad! - Silver Sponsor of PWPC Fall 2013 Contest
            Prize: RadLab  ($149 value)
Click here to view the Prize from Totally Rad! - RadLab RadLab is a revolutionary new way to style your photos. Unlike using Photoshop actions, RadLab allows you to get instant previews of how your image will change. You can layer together effects in infinite ways, and customize your Recipes with simple, intuitive sliders.
     Bronze Sponsor: Fundy Software
Fundy Software - Bronze Sponsor of PWPC Fall 2013 Contest
            Prize: Action Hub™  ($79 value)
Click here to view the Prize from Fundy Software - Action Hub™ Fundy Software offers the Action Hub™, which works on any Mac or PC running Adobe Photoshop CS4 or above, and includes ONE license that can be used on two computers - in most cases this means your main computer and your laptop computer, with 100% free support.

Image size and other requirements
   You may upload up to 30 images per Photographer per Contest
   All images uploaded for the Contest must be 780 pixels on the long side in JPEG format with extension .jpg and no larger than 200 KB
   Images must have no borders, edges, strokes, studio logos, names etc.
   No specific file name required for images
   All images must be taken by the participant at actual wedding or engagement session. No images allowed from workshops, all types of commercial shots, etc.
   Each photo may be submitted only to one Category of the Contest and may not be used at any other upcoming PWPC Contests
   No collages allowed

   The Judges' decision on the Contest is final.

PWPC Fall 2013 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Liliya Gorlanova   
Liliya Gorlanova   Liliya Gorlanova Wedding Photography    (Russia - Guest)

A member and winner of the international wedding photography associations such as: WPJA, AGWPJA, ISPWP. First place in the WPJA TOP PHOTOGRAPHERS, 2011. The winner MyWed Award in 2011 and winner of the title "Photographer of the Year." The winner of the international competition of the quarterly ISPWP Winter 2009. With experience in wedding photography in different parts of the world: Thailand, China, Italy, France, Austria, Mauritius, Maldives, etc. Publications in journals: Wedding (Russia), Cosmopolitan Bride (China), Brides (USA).
PWPC Fall 2013 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Davina + Daniel   
Davina + Daniel   Davina + Daniel    (Montreal, QC - Guest)

Daniel has had a camera in his hands since he was a kid. Accompanied by his father, a well-accomplished amateur photographer, a teenage Daniel was the youngest attendee at workshops in New York City and Boston. Later in life, but when he was still a relatively young man, he completed a degree in professional photography from Dawson College in Montreal, and met his future wife Davina a few years later in 2007.
Today Davina + Daniel photograph destination and international weddings exclusively. They have photographed weddings in Japan, Italy, Bhutan, Guatemala, Taipei, Mexico, Monaco, Panama, Costa Rica... as well as several cities in the United States and Canada. They have been published in international publications worldwide, were named one of the top 10 Most Sought-After Photographers of 2012 by Rangefinder magazine, have both individually won ISPWP's Photographer of the Quarter Award, Daniel was Fearless Photographer's 2012 Photographer of the Year.
PWPC Fall 2013 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Shauna Heron   
Shauna Heron   Shauna Heron    (Sudbury, ON - PWPC Member)

Multi-award winning photographer Shauna Heron wears her heart on her sleeve and her cameras over her shoulder as she travels the world to capture emotion and moments that make each love story unique. Her work is romantic and emotional, just a little bit dark, and downright sexy; and her kind personality and great sense of humor make her a delight to work with from start to finish. When you let Shauna pour her heart and soul into telling your story, all you have to do is relax and enjoy every minute of your wedding day while she turns your moments into memories.
PWPC Fall 2013 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Lloyd Yoon   
Lloyd Yoon   Night and Day Photography    (Edmonton, AB - PWPC Member)

Lloyd Yoon is an active full time photographer in Edmonton, Canada, specializing in high end Weddings, Portraits, Boudoir, and Commercial work. Trained 23 years ago and running Night and Day Photography professionally for 14 years, he feels very lucky to have found a career within his passion. When Lloyd is not busy with his wife and two children, he can be found teaching advanced-level photography workshops around the world for the seasoned pro, or shooting throughout the seven different countries he's been lucky enough to be commissioned in. Despite that, he really enjoys shooting right at home in Alberta more than anywhere else, and is always on a quest to further his own knowledge. He loves and enjoys talking to other photographers to help them bring their photography to the next level, and admires the work that comes through the PWPC competitions.

Contest Categories
 Bride and Groom Portrait 
 Bridal Portrait 
 Funny images of the wedding day, from beginning to the end 
 Creative Lighting 
 Creative images with use of the available light, off camera flash, etc. 
 Images taken during the ceremony 
 Kids Being Kids 
 Images of children or youths acting like kids 
 Engagement Portrait 
 Framing the Subject 
 Wedding Details 
 Images of the bridal shoes, ring, cake, etc. 
 Images taken during reception 

   Minor Photoshop enhancements are allowed (cropping, colour correction, blemishes removal, etc.)
   Colour, B/W, or toned images are acceptable
   Portrait images may be set up or prompted by the photographer
   Photos must be appropriate for a general audience
   All images are Copyright of their owners