Photographers in British Columbia   

Click here to visit website of sv photograph   Contest Summer 2018 Winner: 12-th Place
Business name: sv photograph  
Location: 3682 Woodridge Place, Victoria, BC, V9E 1C8  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver Island. British Columbia, Worldwide  
Tel.: 778-268-0505  
Website:  svphotograph.com  
E-mail:  contact.svphotograph@gmail.com  
Description: We are Samuel & Virginie, a husband & wife team,who combine our creative skills and years of experience to capture the real you, in beautiful, compelling and naturam images. French born, World Travelers and now based in Canada.  
Starting price: $2,500    Points in 2020:  0.5     Previous Points:  27.9

Click here to visit website of Gwen Ewart Photography  
Business name: Gwen Ewart Photography  
Location: 204-661 Burnside Road E, Victoria, BC, V8T 2X9  map
Also serving areas: Mexico, Alberta, Costa Rica  
Tel.: 250-634-1438  
Website:  gwenewart.com  
E-mail:  hey@gwenewart.com  
Description: I find it hard to describe my style exactly as it's more of a mixed basket than just one particular style. The majority of my wedding work is photojournalistic, but I love to get creative with the portraits of the two of you.  
Starting price: $2,400    Previous Points:  6.4
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Click here to visit website of Tegan McMartin Photography  
Business name: Tegan McMartin Photography  
Location: 1176 Palmer Rd, Victoria, BC, V8P 2H6  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver Island, Vancouver, BC  
Tel.: 778-888-2147  
Website:  teganmcmartin.com  
E-mail:  tegan@teganmcmartin.com  
Description: Modern, authentic documentary  
Starting price: $2,900    Previous Points:  1.8

Click here to visit website of Lara Eichhorn Photography  
Business name: Lara Eichhorn Photography  
Location: 305-630 Speed Avenue, Victoria, BC, V8Z 1A4  map
Also serving areas: Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon  
Tel.: 250-418-5870  
Website:  laraeichhorn.com  
E-mail:  laraeichhorn@gmail.com  
Description: Focusing on wedding photojournalism and natural, joyful portraits.  
Starting price: $2,400    Previous Points:  17.4

Click here to visit website of Pete Snell Photography  
Business name: Pete Snell Photography  
Location: 9225 Basswood Rd, Victoria, BC, V8L 3W8  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and Destinations.  
Tel.: 250-881-2347  
Website:  petesnellphotography.ca.  
E-mail:  petesnell@shaw.ca  
Description: A combination of modern, photojournalist and fine art. Pete is an experienced wedding photographer who loves to have fun with you while creating your wedding day images.  
Starting price: $2,450    Previous Points:  3.5

Click here to visit website of Jesse Holland Photography  
Business name: Jesse Holland Photography  
Location: 205-2747 Jacklin Rd, Victoria, BC, V9B 3X7  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver, Vancouver Island  
Tel.: 250-889-4774  
Website:  jessehollandphoto.com  
E-mail:  jesse@jessehollandphoto.com  
Description: Modern Photojournalism.  
Starting price: $2,800    Previous Points:  18

Click here to visit website of Rhymes With Orange Photography  
Business name: Rhymes With Orange Photography  
Location: 3644 Bridgeport Place, Victoria, BC, V8P 3L1  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver Island, Vancouver  
Tel.: 250-507-8774  
Website:  rwophotography.com  
E-mail:  info@rwophotography.com  
Description: It's the little things in life that count. Your candid and passionate moments are our cue as photographic artists to turn them into a timeless and unique memento that you will cherish forever.  
Starting price: $2,400    Previous Points:  23.6

Click here to visit website of FunkyTown Photography   Contest Spring 2015 Winner: 15-th Place
Contest Winter 2015 Winner: 7-th Place
Contest Fall 2014 Winner: 10-th Place
Contest Summer 2014 Winner: 9-th Place
Contest Spring 2014 Winner: 5-th Place
Contest Winter 2014 Winner: 2-nd Place
Contest Fall 2012 Winner: 3-rd Place
Contest Summer 2012 Winner: 2-nd Place
Contest Spring 2012 Winner: 2-nd Place
Contest Winter 2012 Winner: 2-nd Place
Business name: FunkyTown Photography  
Location: 526 Discovery St, Victoria, BC, V8X 2X9  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver, Toronto  
Tel.: 250-813-0846  
Website:  funkytownphotography.com  
E-mail:  info@funkytownphotography.com  
Description: I combine photojournalism, fashion and fine art.  
Starting price: $4,000    Previous Points:  344.5

Click here to visit website of Darshan Alexander Photography   Contest Fall 2014 Winner: 8-th Place
Contest Summer 2014 Winner: 8-th Place
Business name: Darshan Alexander Photography  
Location: 1333 Gladstone Ave, Victoria, BC, V8R 1R9  map
Also serving areas: Campbell River, Tofino & all of Vancouver Island  
Tel.: 250-858-1441  
Website:  darshanphotography.com  
E-mail:  darshan@darshanphotography.com  
Description: Trained as a photojournalist, my shooting style is editorial with a flair for fine art. My approach is to make you look fantastic without diminishing the human, candid, emotional and humorous elements.  
Starting price: $3,000    Previous Points:  121

Click here to visit website of Celeste & Reece  
Business name: Celeste & Reece  
Location: Cabot Place, Victoria, BC, V8N 4V8  map
Also serving areas: Vancouver, Caribbean, International  
Tel.: Please email  
Website:  CelesteandReece.com  
E-mail:  contact@celesteandreece.com  
Description: Photojournalistic, vivid and full of life. We love the art of photography & cinematic wedding films that captures the beauty and emotions of a couple's special day.  
Starting price: $2,300   

Click here to visit website of Lisa Rivers Photography  
Business name: Lisa Rivers Photography  
Location: 7-940 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC, V8V 3A4  map
Also serving areas: Gulf Islands, Vancouver, Seattle, Vancouver Island  
Tel.: 250-514-5472  
Website:  lisariversphotography.blogspot.com  
E-mail:  lisariversphotography@gmail.com  
Description: My style is a touch of photojournalism with a twist of romantic.  
Starting price: $1,000