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Day After Session ... by Picture That Photography

Published:  June 28, 2011

   Many couples have wonderful ideas for their wedding photography. Unfortunately, many weddings do not happen near a couple's preferred location for photography. Many couples who begin planning a wedding in the mountains or on a beach, but end up having their weddings in their local city for practical reasons. Not all family members are healthy enough to travel, not all of the couple's friends can take a few days off to attend their wedding in another location, etc.

   We believe couples should get the best of both worlds a wedding where they wish, and photographs where their heart desires. For this reason we highly recommend adding a Day After Session to your photography package. These sessions do not necessarily have to occur the day right after your wedding either. You may wish to tan on the beach on your honeymoon, and have this session when you return. We do recommend doing these photographs within a month from your wedding date so you still look similar to what you did on your wedding day.

   Your Day After Session can take place wherever you wish travel to another city, visit the mountains, the beach and take advantage or your wedding garb one more time! Brides may choose to style their hair differently than their wedding day, and grooms may wish to go a little more relaxed (just a vest rather than the suit jacket as well). These sessions are usually much more relaxed than a wedding day session as there is no time limit, no large groups of people to get back to, and the time of day can be more perfect for even, beautiful light.

We wish you a beautiful wedding and a beautiful Day After Session!

Susan & Krister, Picture That Photography