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Bridal Boudoir - Is it for you? ... by Creative Perspectives Photography

Published:  November 20, 2011

   Gone are the days when only supermodels and actresses could be the stars of sexy photo shoots. As women become more confident and embrace their femininity and their sexuality, boudoir photography for "regular" women is rapidly gaining in popularity and more and more brides have started asking for a boudoir session as part of their wedding photography package.

   What is a boudoir session?
A boudoir is French for a woman's bedroom or private sitting room and a boudoir session typically involves working with a photographer to create tasteful yet sexy photos in that type of intimate setting. Since every woman has her own idea of what is sexy and since each photographer has their own distinctive style, the boudoir session should be a collaboration that both are comfortable with. Most often, the wardrobe consists of lingerie, sexy shoes and accessories, but depending on your comfort level - and that of the photographer - boudoir photos can also have implied, partial or even complete nudity.

   What do people do with these photos?
Every bride has a different reason for wanting to do a boudoir session. For some, they want a special gift for the man in their life, such as a "Little Black Book" that they can present to their fiancé for the holidays, Valentine's Day, or even the night before the wedding as a truly unique groom's gift. For others, it's more about feeling empowered and wanting beautiful images to celebrate who they are today. One bride even ordered customized Valentine's Day cards to send to all her girlfriends! Regardless of your reasons, when you look back at your boudoir photos 10, 20 or 30 years from now, you will love the way you looked today!

   What if I'm shy?
Baring part - or all - of your body to a complete stranger is intimidating for anyone! Remember that YOU are in control of your session and a professional photographer will take the time to discuss your boundaries with you before the session even begins. Maybe you'll be more comfortable with a female photographer, so be sure to ask who will be taking the actual photos and if anyone else (like an assistant, makeup artist or hair stylist) will be present during the shoot. Some photographers also offer group sessions, which can be a fun thing to do with your bridesmaids or closest girlfriends.

   But I hate my breasts/butt/legs/arms ...
EVERY woman is beautiful and deserves to feel gorgeous and sexy. A photographer who is experienced with boudoir photography will use lighting, props and poses that will flatter your body type. Have confidence in yourself and talk to your photographer about any specific concerns that you have.

   How do I know my photos won't show up on the Internet?
A boudoir session is a very intimate shoot, so be sure to choose a photographer you're comfortable with and can trust. You probably don't want these photos showing up on Facebook or on someone's blog, so be sure that you sign a contract that protects your privacy. Read the entire contract and make sure that your photographer cannot post, publish, enter contests or use your photos for marketing purposes without your express written permission. Don't be shy to ask for references either. An experienced boudoir photographer should be willing to accommodate this request.

A boudoir session gives you the opportunity to dress up, have fun and let loose your inner diva! You can be soft and vulnerable, bold and fierce, sassy and playful or serious and shy. Working with a professional and experienced boudoir photographer will make you feel pampered, sexy and special - while you create images that can be as subtle or scandalous as you like!