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Married in Mexico - Now What? ... by Shandro Photo

Published:  January 22, 2012

   Many couples find themselves after a destination wedding with a great tan, a new spouse, and a disc of photos. If you have hired a photographer from your resort, or even a local photographer, your end product may be a disc of high res files, but not an album, prints, or other products. Something to keep in mind if you order an album through a photographer who isn't from your hometown is that you will need to do your proofing and changes over long-distance communication, and sometimes email and phone calls can bog down the process.

   Not every couple wants an album, and some couple want to design and print their own. However, we've heard more often than not from couples who have had destination weddings that afterwards they wished they had been able to purchase a professional wedding album from their photographer. The new joys and responsibilities of marriage can overshadow such tasks as sourcing out, designing, and printing your own wedding album.

   Here's something that you might not know - you can still get a professional wedding album printed from your wedding, even if all you have is a disc! Your first step should be to contact the wedding photographer who shot your wedding. If they offer wedding albums, you can order an album through them.

   If your photographer doesn't offer albums or is from out of town/country, you still have options. Provided that you have a contract from your photographer stating that you can use the photos for personal use, you can take your disc to a local photographer and ask them to create a beautiful professional wedding album for you. Keep in mind that most photographers will feel uncomfortable retouching other photographer's work, so what you will receive is an album with your photos in a beautiful layout, but not a lot of effects or photoshopping done on the photos. It's a matter of professional respect. Before you leave on your beautiful tropical wedding, make sure to look into your options from your photographer and consider if you want to have a professional wedding album.

Haley & Michael, Shandro Photo