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I heard a story recently ... by Family Creative

Published:  January 11, 2013

   After a wedding ceremony the bride was upset because of all the guests that had iPhones and cameras. As she walked up the aisle she couldn't even see the groom until she was quite close to him due to all the guests hanging in the aisle, arms up and hands clasping iPhones.

   When she looked around during the ceremony she couldn't connect with many of her friends and family who traveled from overseas because they were constantly using their cameras, held up in front of faces. This unfortunately also included a few of her direct family in the front seats. Three of the guests even 'facebooked' pics of the ceremony DURING the ceremony.

   I realize that technology makes it easy and convenient for us to document everything we do and say. But at what cost? I believe that couples would only want people present that mean a great deal to them and to witness them getting married - and not through a view screen.

   As a professional who is hired to shoot and document weddings, I can only advise each couple about what may occur if guests are allowed to use cameras at a wedding ceremony. Many times either myself of the other professional photographers and videographers have been interfered with by an overzealous guest. I have even seen great moments ruined because a friend of the couple is so busy looking through their cameras and not paying attention - moments that will never happen again.

   I'm not here to say you should or shouldn't 'unplug' your wedding, but I do prefer my wedding clients to encourage their guests to be aware of the professional photographers/videographers, and to allow us to do our job without interference.

Megan Elrick, Family Creative