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The E-Shoot ... by INterFace Photo Video

Published:  March 4, 2013

It's also known as the 'engagement shoot', 'casual pre-wedding photo shoot', and we're sure that there are a few other buzzwords for it in circulation. Regardless of what you prefer to call it, we believe that it has many benefits.

   So what is an E-shoot exactly?
An E-shoot is a photo shoot that takes place prior to your wedding. If you decide to do one, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

There are many varying types of photo shoots. The following are just a few of many:

In a traditional photo shoot the couple will often look into the camera, hold hands, go arm and arm, and will wear fairly neutral clothing. You may find them walking down the street, or along a railroad track.

Not to say that the Traditional is not 'artistic', however, the artistic e-shoot will involve more 'abstract' conceptualized poses. Here you will find more dynamic compositions; the use of space is sometimes extreme involving more negative space (i.e., couple is found in the bottom left corner of the frame, and the rest of the frame is somewhat empty). The couple may wear more non-traditional clothing to suit the photo style.

Again, not to imply that the other styles are not fun. This type will emphasize the character of the couple. You may have also heard it referred to as 'Free-style'. There's usually a lot of collaboration of ideas between the couple and the photographer.

   Sexy & fashion oriented
This has to be one of my favourite types of e-shoot photography. Slightly more edgy, this type starts off relaxed but could lead to some pretty intense images. More time will be taken in choosing the right clothes for this type of shoot.

E-shoots usually last 45 to 90 minutes and can take place at one or multiple locations. Most photographers will suggest to their clients that they choose a location that is different from their planned wedding day photo shoot location for variety. For example if your wedding day shoot location is downtown, then maybe consider your e-shoot location in a beautiful park or countryside. Typically, the photos will be digitally enhanced and retouched prior to giving them to you on a CD or DVD. In some cases, you may also be provided with actual prints of selected images. These are all things you can discuss with your photographer.

Whether there is a 'concept' involved or not, it's probably a good idea to consider an e-shoot with your wedding photographer. There are many benefits in doing so. The most obvious one is that you will end up with a collection of beautiful and professional photographs of the two of you before you get hitched. Also this opportunity gives you wonderful practice for the big day. It's a great way to get comfortable with your photographer.

Doing an E-shoot also provides your photographer the opportunity to learn hands on the types of photos you and your Fiancé are comfortable with and to know your personalities a bit more. He or she will also have more time to get to know you outside of the studio meetings and this will, in turn, have a positive affect on your wedding day photos. Another bonus is if you plan on doing table centrepiece cards, well, now you have plenty of photographs to choose from to put on those cards!

So if you are considering an e-shoot with your wedding photographer, keep in mind that it is very important to discuss the details ahead of time. Decide on the type of E-shoot you want to do, and make sure that you and your photographer are all on the same page in order for them to deliver what you were expecting. All in all, make the best out of your time, and most importantly have fun together doing it!

John A. Glasspoole, INterFace Photo Video