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Why Have An Engagement Session? ... by A-Photo Ashley MacPhee Photography

Published:  February 20, 2014

I really do enjoy engagement sessions. And you should too. Plain and simple.

Here are some reasons why I personally love them:

1)   I get the chance to explore new locations. Even if I've been there before, its amazing to see the same spot differently, and photograph differently.

2)   There is little stress, if any. Unlike the wedding day, there's no family portraits to run to or traffic to worry about. Its me, two love birds and 2 glorious hours.

3)   I get to KNOW my lovebirds!! Weddings are jam packed days, with everyone and everything happening in an instant it seems. It's ok..its expected. But this is the one time that the couple gets to relax and enjoy each others company. Oh and they get some pretty nice photos out of it too :)

4)   Each couple is different and therefore each engagement session is different. It always keeps me on my toes and in my opinion, helps make me a better, more adaptable photographer.

So why should the two of YOU do an Engagement Session? Here's some more reasons:

   This may be the ONLY time you and your husband/wife-to-be actually get professional photos done. I mean, I hope not... but if so- this is a great time! Love is in the air and truly, there's no better time than just before you wed!

   You will have the chance to incorporate these images at your wedding. Some couples choose to print large images from the e-session and hang them at the wedding.. or use them for their table numbering system. And my favourite- they have a custom made engagement guest book made! Guests LOVE these. Friends and family sign the guest book while looking at the images of you two. How cool is that!?! It's a beautiful keepsake for you that you'll cherish for years to come.

   It's quality time spent together. And this is so true. My husband and I went and had a Love Session done last October (it's like an engagement session, but we're already married, so it's a love session!) The 2 hours we spent together just cuddling, and enjoying each others company honestly felt like a date. It was better though. We got to walk around Montreal and just be ourselves and have some pretty hot photos in return. Double like!

   If you've already booked me for your wedding, it's your chance to get to know me- your photographer! Which is so important. You will want to and need to feel extremely comfortable with your photographer... as they're going to be capturing the very essence of you on your most important day. Already having photographed with me then for your engagement session will set the tone for the wedding day. I'll know your best side, I'll know how you react to my camera and I'll then be capable of adapting to you, making you forget I'm even there :).

But you argue: "I hate having my picture taken!!!". And then you lement: "I never look good in photos!". Guess what? I challenge you to give me the chance to make you feel comfortable enough to take an amazing photo. I know I can :) Now a days, everything happens so fast. We live in a fast paced society... and we forget to stop and enjoy moments. So let me photograph you. Let me show you that yes, you can photograph beautifully. That you CAN enjoy simple moments with the one you love. And that you CAN document your life together now. Not just on your wedding day. There's no other job in the world I'd rather be doing.

Enjoy :)

Ashley Macphee,  A-Photo Ashley MacPhee Photography  (Montreal | QC)