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Are Wedding Planners a Luxury or a Necessity?

... by Carol's Photography

Published:  April 14, 2015

   There are so many decision to make when it comes to your wedding. I just thought I'd give you some pros and cons to hiring a wedding planner. When you think about how they can make your life so much easier and take the stress off you and your groom, it is worth it. If you on a very limited budget, they still can help you by hiring them for the day of.

   Most wedding planners either charge a flat fee or a percentage of your budget, usually 10%. That seems like a small price for having someone make sure your wedding day runs smoothly and troubleshoot any unforeseen problems that arise.

   I can personally tell you as a wedding photographer I've seen it all. When there is a planner there on the wedding day, brides are more relaxed, knowing that they don't have to worry about anything. The other scenario is the bride stressed out when everyone is coming to her for answers, where does this go, who is suppose to be where, whose bringing this... the list goes on and on.

   I do go over the time lines of the wedding day with my bride and also talk with the planner as to how I need the day to unfold to give them a relaxed day of photos. I want my couple to enjoy their wedding day, have more fun than anyone else!

   There are a lot of things you might want to do yourself, and that's great....maybe you can plan it all yourself but you can't be the one on your wedding day trying to get everyone and everything organized.

   Most planners will write and return emails for you, visit venue’s, go over your contracts, create time lines , and confirming vendors will show up when they are expected.A planner will you advice and options, you make the final decisions. They will guide you and help make the decisions, and then will execute them for you. But good wedding planners never "take over" unless you instruct them too, you always have the final say.

   The planner is the first one at the church, making sure everything looks perfect for your grand entrance.Imagine this - This is just an example of a real wedding without a planner - everyone arrives at the church and the air conditioner has been turned up and everyone is sweating, your makeup staring to wilt. If the planner had been there before everyone else, she would have taken care of the problem by the time you arrived. I'm not saying that example would happen but which way would you want your wedding day to go.

   A planner is at the reception making sure your DJ arrives and sets-up on time, that your cake is being brought to the hall and set up, and your decor is all ready when your guest arrive. Most will set out the evening lunch while your dancing the night away. On the other hand your family can do it for you! And although they might be more than willing, would you rather have the Mom's enjoying the evening or working.

   I'm not say what is right or wrong. In the end the choice is yours, you might have the extra time to take it all on and enjoy doing it yourself. But if your all ready stressed out about how things are going, call a good wedding planner and make your life a lot easier!

Carol Gillis, Carol's Photography  (Regina | SK)