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For Groom on wedding day

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Published:  November 13, 2015

Just a few ideas of thoughtful things a bride can do for the groom on their wedding day.

Admittedly, the wedding day belongs to the bride. She is undoubtedly at the center of the stage, looking beautiful in her bridal gown, with her exquisite bridal accessories, hair and make up styled to perfection.

Its easy to over look the groom. After all, how long does it take for him to done his tuxedo and accoutrement? As a wedding photographer I know - and barring all the shots of Jack and assuming he and/or his groomsmen know how to knot a tie, I've never seen a groom take more than a few minutes to get ready! That leaves for a lot of down time.

Let's face it, most boys could benefit from some guidance when it comes to passing the time before the ceremony!

Here are a few tips for the bride to fill in the time and let her future hubby know just how special he is to her:

There's nothing like a love letter!

   We never get tired of reading how much our partner loves and appreciates us and what better time to declare such things than the quiet time before the ceremony.

   If you are experiencing writer's block try making a list: "10 things I love about you" or "3 reasons why I'm excited to be marring you".

   Have a friend deliver the letter for you or place somewhere obvious where he will find it.

   A picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing your smiling face will be a delight and charge up the anticipation.

   If you are taking his last name, let him know how exited you are with an image of you holding a sign saying "The future Mrs.___".

Plan ahead by booking a boudoir or pin up session.

   You can have a small album made of your sexy self or a single portrait to really give him a reason to smile at the alter!

   Spice up the letter or photo with a sprits of your favorite perfume and a lipstick kiss.

   Send him a small, meaningful gift that reflects his interests and reaffirms that you understand him and plan to make his life with you a special one. Examples can be tickets to his favorite sports game, a concert, the opera, golf tee time, a massage - whatever you feel would make him smile and appreciate you.

Have a friend or room service deliver his favorite meal.

   As the adage says: the road to a man's heart is through his stomach.

   Your wedding will be a long and emotional day requiring a lot of energy.

   Sending him a snack is a tasty gesture and ensures that he has the chance to eat. (Remember to eat something yourself, chances are you won't have the opportunity again for quite some time.)

A bottle of whiskey or whatever blows his hair back.

   Let's face it. There is nothing like a drink to calm the pre-wedding jitters and you can be sure the boys will be toasting to you.

A box of cigars.

   Now I'm not a smoker but cigars have traditionally been a symbol of celebration and some boys will be boys.

   If you are marring that boy who would appreciate a fine cigar with his groomsmen than this gift will not only make him feel very cool but also provide your wedding photographer with a great prop.

Send him a video message.

   Make it fun, heartfelt, silly or even dirty.

Sing him a song.

Do a little dance.

Let him see how happy you are to be marrying him today!

Shirleen Burnett, Burnett Photography  (Banff | AB)