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2018 Wedding Trends

... by Burnett Photography

Published:  February 6, 2018

    Is 2018 the year you tie the knot? If so, you have a lot to smile about!

    There are many reasons why I adore being a wedding photographer and seeing the latest trends in fashion, decor, food and design is just one of them.

    Weddings, large and small, are a feast for the eyes and we have a great time turning wedding elements into photographic eye candy!

    What's in store for 2018's brides & grooms? Here's what I see in the wedding industry's crystal ball:

A variety of veils, especially cathedral length

    In the last 5 years, it seemed that veils weren't in vogue (which is a real shame because they make for beautiful images). Veils are making a comeback and in a big way. I anticipate seeing intricate head pieces and longer veils on the brides of 2018.

Capes & fur wraps

    I'm seeing more brides opt for a veil like cape for spring & summer weddings and full length capes made from colored velvet, soft white wool and luxurious furs around the holidays and winter weddings. They look stately and regal. I expect to see more of them in 2018.

Photo & slow motion video booths

    Photobooths and slow motion video booths are on the rise for couples who want to engage their guests and create instant, take away mementos. For budget savvy, DIY couples, I'm seeing more and more Polaroid cameras and selfie stations with fun, silly props at receptions.


    Today's videographers are creating cool, hip mini movies under 10 minutes for their clients. Gone are the days of passive video footage that go on for hours. Brides & grooms are turning on to this and I expect to have to share the light, so to speak, with more videographers in the near future.

"Virtual" guest engagement

    With high resolution cameras in smart phones and greater accessibility to the internet, the sky is the limit for engagement on social media platforms in 2018. This provides a "virtual" experience for friends and family who can't be at the wedding in person. Open chats while live streaming allows for the bride and groom to connect with their on-line guests anywhere on the planet and that is certainly something to smile about!

Shirleen Burnett, Burnett Photography  (Banff | AB)