PWPC Summer 2014 Wedding Photography Contest

Contest Winners
 1-st Place 
 Elisha Stewart | Abby Photography | Kelowna, BC 
 2-nd Place 
 Mathieu Louis-Seize | Green Tea Photography (Mathieu Louis-Seize) | Ottawa, ON 
 3-rd Place 
 Annuj Yoganathan | Impressions by Annuj | Toronto, ON 
 4-th Place 
 Camille Fortin Bensler | JONETSU STUDIOS | Vancouver, BC 
 5-th Place 
 Leanne Pedersen | Leanne Pedersen Photographers | Vancouver, BC 
 6-th Place 
 Sean LeBlanc | Sean LeBlanc Photography | Calgary, AB 
 7-th Place 
 Ann Wen | Green Tea Photography (Ann Wen) | Ottawa, ON 
 8-th Place 
 Darshan Stevens | Darshan Alexander Photography | Victoria, BC 
 9-th Place 
 Christina Craft | FunkyTown Photography | Victoria, BC 
 10-th Place 
 Barbara Cameron | Barbara Ann Studios | Ottawa, ON 
 11-th Place 
 Michael Tigchelaar | Zekar Photography (Mike Tigchelaar) | Hamilton, ON 
 12-th Place 
 Frances Morency | Frances Morency Photography | Toronto, ON 
 13-th Place 
 Karen McKinnon | McKinnon Photography | Comox, BC 
 14-th Place 
 Kendra Coupland | Love Tree Photography (Kendra Coupland) | New Westminster, BC 
 15-th Place 
 Jackie Au | Jackie Au Photography | Calgary, AB 

Contest Results
 Getting Ready 
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 The Wedding Dress 
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 View Images 
 Kids Being Kids 
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 Bride and Groom Portrait 
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 Bridal Party Portrait 
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 Location / Structure 
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 Bridal Portrait 
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 Wedding Details 
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 Bouquet / Garter Toss 
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Fees and Eligibility
   The Contest was open to PWPC Members only
   Members have to log in  to see Contest rules
   If you are not a Member yet, please apply here

Participants have the chance to win cash and other prizes for their winning photos.
 1-st place Contest Winner 
 $500 cash 
 2-nd place Contest Winner 
 $350 cash or First Pick of Sponsor's Prize 
 3-rd place Contest Winner 
 $250 cash or Second Pick of Sponsor's Prize 
 4-th place Contest Winner 
 Third pick of Sponsor's prize 
 5-th place Contest Winner 
 Fourth pick of Sponsor's prize 
 6-th place Contest Winner 
 Fifth pick of Sponsor's prize 
 7-th place Contest Winner 
 Sixth pick of Sponsor's prize 
 8-th place Contest Winner 
 Seventh pick of Sponsor's prize 
 9-th place Contest Winner 
 Eighth pick of Sponsor's prize 
 10-th place Contest Winner 
 Ninth pick of Sponsor's prize 

Contest Sponsors

     Platinum Sponsor: Technicare
Technicare - Platinum Sponsor of PWPC Summer 2014 Contest
            Prize: The Manhattan Album - Deluxe Cover  ($460 value)
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     Platinum Sponsor: Albumdraft
Albumdraft - Platinum Sponsor of PWPC Summer 2014 Contest
            Prize: Two 'One Year' Albumdraft memberships  (value $288 each)
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     Gold Sponsor: Think Tank Photo
Think Tank Photo - Gold Sponsor of PWPC Summer 2014 Contest
            Prize: Retrospective® 7  ($162 value)
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     Gold Sponsor: Photo Flash Drive
Photo Flash Drive - Gold Sponsor of PWPC Summer 2014 Contest
            Prize: Two Print & Flash Boxes for 100 4x6 Prints Plus 16GB Square Maple  (value $105 each)
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     Bronze Sponsor: Fundy Software
Fundy Software - Bronze Sponsor of PWPC Summer 2014 Contest
            Prize: FUNDY Studio Survival Kit  ($75 value)
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Image size and other requirements
   You may upload up to 30 images per Photographer per Contest
   All images uploaded for the Contest must be 780 pixels on the long side in JPEG format with extension .jpg and no larger than 200 KB
   Images must have no borders, edges, strokes, studio logos, names etc.
   No specific file name required for images
   All images must be taken by the participant at actual wedding or engagement session. No images allowed from workshops, all types of commercial shots, etc.
   Each photo may be submitted only to one Category of the Contest and may not be used at any other upcoming PWPC Contests
   No collages allowed

   All Judges of the Contest are the PWPC Members
   The Judges' decision on the Contest is final

PWPC Summer 2014 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Fran Chelico   
Fran Chelico Photography   Fran Chelico Photography    (North Vancouver, BC)

   Fran Chelico moved to Vancouver seven years ago after receiving formal training in New York City.

   After dabbling in all kinds of photography she found her true love with weddings. She loves the thrill and magic of weddings. To be able to capture a bride at her happiest and most radiant moment is always such a thrill. The couple are surrounded by all of the people who matter most and to capture the most tender moments as they unfold, is very magical. To be responsible for someone else's memories that years from now will be relived over and over again just makes me so proud and fills my heart with joy. It is always such an honor.

   Awards: PWPC, Fearless Photographer, JuneBug Weddings, and BC Wedding awards.
PWPC Summer 2014 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Ermenegildo Conte   
Ermenegildo Conte   Esenses Studio    (Montreal, QC)

   After getting his commercial photography diploma at an early age, Ermenegildo became an active full-time professional photographer, doing mainly fashion photography, but also delving into wedding photography.
   Today, along with his wife Louise, he has combined these passions through Esenses Studio, a sought-after business with a solid creative team, specializing in wedding photography and cinematography. Ermenegildo is an award-winning member of associations such as PWPC and Fearless Photographers, and his work has been published in specialized wedding blogs. He was also invited to participate three times in a television show about real-life weddings in 2013.
   For Ermenegildo and Louise, meeting with couples is always a joyful moment. They embrace learning about the unique love story to be captured, and feel honoured to be part of the privileged few who attend their wedding.
PWPC Summer 2014 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Kelly Redinger   
Kelly Redinger   Kelly Redinger | Photographer    (Sherwood Park, AB)

   I picked up my first SLR when I was in junior high school, and proceeded to take the worst photos you could possibly imagine. And I was hooked. My formal education in photography began some years later at NAIT, and has continued every single day since.
   My career has seen me travel both near and far for commissioned work, I've had my images published in countless magazines both locally and internationally, I've won more than my share of awards, and I have seen my images displayed on billboards and websites from around the globe. In addition to this, I've been an educator for the past 10 years, teaching courses and workshops to aspiring photographers of all levels. And I've even been recognized as a court approved Photography Expert, and testified as an expert witness for a civil lawsuit.
   And yet, the best part of my job remains the friendships I make with my clients, and the desire to challenge myself and continually improve my work. I currently live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, with my wife and 3 kids.

Contest Categories
 Getting Ready 
 The Wedding Dress 
 Images taken during the ceremony 
 Kids Being Kids 
 Images of children or youths acting like kids 
 Bride and Groom Portrait 
 Bridal Party Portrait 
  Location / Structure 
 Images that represent where the wedding is taking place (interior or exterior) 
 Funny images of the wedding day, from beginning to the end 
 Bridal Portrait 
 Wedding Details 
 Images of the bridal shoes, ring, cake, etc. 
 Bouquet / Garter Toss 
 Best moments captured during the event 

   Minor Photoshop enhancements are allowed (cropping, colour correction, blemishes removal, etc.)
   Colour, B/W, or toned images are acceptable
   Portrait images may be set up or prompted by the photographer
   Photos must be appropriate for a general audience
   All images are Copyright of their owners