PWPC Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest

Contest Winners
 1-st Place 
 Mathieu Louis-Seize | Green Tea Photography (Mathieu Louis-Seize) | Ottawa, ON 
 2-nd Place 
 Rabih Madi | Madi Photography | Laval, QC 
 3-rd Place 
 Polk Liang | Capso Studio - Polk Liang | Richmond Hill, ON 
 4-th Place 
 Katie-Marie Tidy | Photography by Katie-Marie | Mascouche, QC 
 5-th Place 
 Cheryl Mains | Black & Gold Photography (Cheryl Mains) | Winnipeg, MB 
 6-th Place 
 Tim Chin | TIMCHIN photography+design | Montreal, QC 
 7-th Place 
 Andong Zhang | Simcoe Studio | Toronto, ON 
 8-th Place 
 Betty Ma | Luxury Moment Photography | Montreal, QC 
 9-th Place 
 Lisa Paradis Lacey Peoples | Island Moments Photography | Nanoose Bay, BC 
 10-th Place 
 Geeshan Bandara | Geeshan Bandara Photography | Vancouver, BC 
 11-th Place 
 Joel Boily | Black & Gold Photography (Joel Boily) | Winnipeg, MB 
 12-th Place 
 Dory Chamoun | N'Focus Productions | Laval, QC 
 13-th Place 
 Esther Gibbons | Esther Gibbons Photography | Montreal, QC 
 14-th Place 
 Kristin Ireland | Mondays with Mac Photography | Ottawa, ON 
 15-th Place 
 Roger Luo | AGI Studio (Roger Luo) | Richmond Hill, ON 

Contest Results
 Getting Ready 
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 The Wedding Dress 
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 Kids Being Kids 
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 Bride and Groom Portrait 
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 Bridal Party Portrait 
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 Engagement Portrait 
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 Bridal Portrait 
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 Wedding Details 
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Fees and Eligibility
   The Contest was open to PWPC Members only
   Members have to log in  to see Contest rules
   If you are not a Member yet, please apply here

   Participants have the chance to win cash and other prizes for their winning photos
 1-st place Contest Winner 
 $500 cash 
 2-nd place Contest Winner 
 $350 cash 
 3-rd place Contest Winner 
 $250 cash 
 4-th place Contest Winner 
 First Pick of Sponsor's Prize 
 5-th place Contest Winner 
 Second Pick of Sponsor's Prize 
 6-th place Contest Winner 
 Third Pick of Sponsor's Prize 

Contest Sponsors

     Platinum Sponsor: Technicare
Technicare - Platinum Sponsor of PWPC Winter 2020 Contest
            Prize: $250 credit towards Technicare lab services  ($250 value)
Click here to view the Prize from Technicare - $250 credit towards Technicare lab services Technicare offers $250 credit towards any of Technicare's lab services. The winner will need to have a Technicare account, or they can sign up at
     Gold Sponsor: Albumdraft
Albumdraft - Gold Sponsor of PWPC Winter 2020 Contest
            Prize: two '6-months' Albumdraft memberships  (value $87 each)
Click here to view the Prize from Albumdraft - Two '6-months' Albumdraft memberships Online album proofing for wedding photographers. Albumdraft is the most practical and professional solution for wedding photographers to get the album design reviewed and approved by their clients.
     Silver Sponsor: The Image Salon
The Image Salon - Silver Sponsor of PWPC Winter 2020 Contest
            Prize: $100 credit  ($100 value)
Click here to view the Prize from The Image Salon - $100 credit The Image Salon is a post-production service for the busy, yet discerning wedding photographer. Brought together by international, award-winning photographers Davina & Daniel Kudish.

Image size and other requirements
   You may upload up to 30 images per Photographer per Contest
   All images uploaded for the Contest must be 920 pixels on the long side in JPEG format with extension .jpg and no larger than 300 KB
   Images must have no borders, edges, strokes, studio logos, names etc.
   No specific file name required for images
   All images must be taken by the participant at actual wedding or engagement session. No images allowed from workshops, all types of commercial shots, etc.
   Each photo may be submitted only to one Category of the Contest and may not be used at any other upcoming PWPC Contests
   No collages allowed
   Judges may disqualify a photo if it does not comply with the rules of the Contest

   All Judges of the Contest are the PWPC Members
   The Judges' decision on the Contest is final

PWPC Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Fran Chelico   
Fran Chelico   Fran Chelico Photography    (North Vancouver, BC)

Fran Chelico moved to Vancouver seven years ago after receiving formal training in New York City.

After dabbling in all kinds of photography she found her true love with weddings. She loves the thrill and magic of weddings. To be able to capture a bride at her happiest and most radiant moment is always such a thrill. The couple are surrounded by all of the people who matter most and to capture the most tender moments as they unfold, is very magical. To be responsible for someone else's memories that years from now will be relived over and over again just makes me so proud and fills my heart with joy. It is always such an honor.

Awards: PWPC, Fearless Photographer, JuneBug Weddings, and BC Wedding awards.
PWPC Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Emily Senyk   
Emily Senyk   Stardust Photography    (Winnipeg, MB)

Emily Senyk, founder of Stardust Photography, is honoured to be able to combine creative artistry and a passion for people and epic love stories into her job!
She leads a team of five photographers, but takes pride in editing every session herself. In her four years of professional photography, Emily has been accepted into the Fearless Photographers Collective - "the world's best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary photos of your wedding day." She also earned a spot in the International Society of Professional Photographers - "a rarity among wedding photography organizations; photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it." Emily was also listed as one of the top 20 photographers in Canada with the PWPC in 2018 and 2019.
PWPC Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest Judge: Davina Palik   
Davina Palik   Davina + Daniel    (Montreal, QC)

Davina is an entrepreneur, photographer, writer, and feminist activist from the Eastern Townships, Quebec. She and her husband founded Davina + Daniel ( in 2008 and spent the next decade documenting weddings all over the world, as well as teaching at various conferences and workshops, including their 2-day course 'The Wedding Story' on Creative Live.
Their wedding work received international recognition in print and online, and was awarded by dozens of organizations including Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, Junebug, and Masters of Wedding Photography. Davina earned PWPC's Photographer of the Year title in 2018. Davina is the co-founder and current CVO of The Image Salon (, a post-production agency in Montreal, the founder of Woman Being (, and she is currently working on a book of portraits from her series The Motherhood Project ( and continues to explore the world with Daniel, their son Max and daughter Charlie.

Contest Categories
 Getting Ready 
 The Wedding Dress 
 Images taken during the Ceremony 
 Kids Being Kids 
 Images of children or youths acting like kids 
 Bride and Groom Portrait 
 Bridal Party Portrait 
 Engagement Portrait 
 Funny images of the wedding day, from beginning to the end 
 Bridal Portrait 
 Wedding Details 
 Images of the bridal shoes, ring, cake, etc. 
  Images taken during the Reception 

   Minor Photoshop enhancements are allowed (cropping, colour correction, blemishes removal, etc.)
   Colour, B/W, or toned images are acceptable
   Portrait images may be set up or prompted by the photographer
   Photos must be appropriate for a general audience
   All images are Copyright of their owners